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shut up其他表示方法...

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In some situations, you might have to tell people ...
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In some situations, you might have to tell people to quieten down and stop talking just before someone is about to speak (in a presentation, a meeting or conference) or a play is about to start in the theatre. In those instances, you would politely ask people to stop talking。

  However, there are many more situations when you don’t want to politely ask the person or people to stop talking, especially if they have really annoyed you or you are fed up with the noise they’re making. In which case, the idioms below would come in extremely useful!

  1. Put a sock in it (英式英语)

  I’ve had enough of your moaning for one day. Why don’t you put a sock in it?

  2. Cork it

  “Shhh, cork it and listen to him”。

  3. Button it

  “Button it, ok. I’m trying to think!”

  4. Shut your pie hole(美式英语)or Shut your cake hole(英式英语)

  “Just shut your pie hole, man。”

  5. Zip your lips or Zip it!

  I’ve heard enough of your nonsense, mate. Now zip it!

  6. Wind your neck in

  “Why don’t you just wind your neck in for once and listen to what I have to say?”

  7. Simmer down

  Ok, children. I need you all to simmer down and listen to Jason’s story。

  8. Pipe down

  “Come on, everyone. Pipe down or else you will all get detention!”